Privacy Policy

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Overcomers’ Chapel (RCCG Overcomers’ Chapel) cares about your privacy. This privacy policy tells you what information we collect for the purpose of taxes and church administration and how we use it. If you choose to provide your information to RCCG Overcomers’ chapel, it is subject to this privacy policy and you agree to the terms. RCCG Overcomers’ Chapel use several third-party services to protected your information. The following is the information we collect:
Taxes: As a charitable organization, Canada Revenue Agency requires the church to provide donor information at the end of each tax year. For complete transparency purposes, we are required to collect the following information: name and mailing address. This information will also be used by the church accounting and administration department to correspond givings to the appropriate individual and provide tax receipts during the tax season. No other department has access to this information.
Administration: For administrative purposes, we require demographic information, such as your name, gender, mailing address, email address, marital status and birthday. These allow us to properly communicate with you, filter the communication you receive by the appropriate natural group and wish you a happy birthday. We also require your information when you are giving by envelope and online, as this helps us to track the church’s attendance. By providing all of this information to us, you affirmatively consent to our collection and use of your data.
Children’s Information: We require children’s information to enable us to communicate with Parents and aid the Sunday morning check-in process.
Please feel free to contact the administrative department at:
 RCCG Overcomers’ Chapel
26 Auriga Drive,
Ottawa ON, K2E 8B7.